You can find the files here: What assembler did you use – an older copy of MASM? I’ve been curious about Descent’s networking ability as well, between machines. Look up the Centrecom series on Google – they work great. I should be able to base a config utility for s on this. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I was worried about ordering from them.

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VOGONS • View topic – Drivers needed for 3Com EtherLink III 3CB-TPO for my system

Users browsing this forum: I rather pay more get the right tool in this case the XT-IDE and know it will work every time I flip that big red switch. Look up the Centrecom c3509 on Google – they work great. My configuration settings are as follows: With all bits set FF: Time to start look for a NE compatible card, problem will be to find a one with TP connection i guess.

This probably been discussed many times, the 3cB will work in a 8-bit ISA slot however the driver require Some of the b-tpo do not have this extra chip. I also changed IRQ to 5.

3Com 3c509

Indeed only a few PC compatibles have that kind of configuration. If your card has an AUI port on it that looks like a 15 pin D-shell style connector you can use an external “transceiver” to get on a modern, twisted pair network.


I have a CT inside now terribly noisy, and as midi device the OPL pretty much sucks at least for me.

Not an exact analogy but you get the idea. I just tried the packetdriver with my card and a D-link DI router using a lan port but without any wan connected I would says all three cards dow the same design and chip, only different makers.

Do you have one or are you running the DX4 at 5v? But it is virtually impossible to check what interrupt is used by an LPT port. Not everything can be fixed with a hammer ; Sometime the right tool is historically correct and sometime it is not.

Ah, good point made about the B suffix is required to get it to work. So what was done was to rewrite the packet driver using compatible instructions, using the network card in the 8-bit mode that 3Com partially designed it to be used for. XT-FDC 3om really set to 6.

All Ethernet cards have unique addresses, assigned by a central entity. Getting off soap box now For example, a card that starts with “” belongs to 3Com.


This isn’t really unexpected behavior.

3Com 3c – Wikipedia

I’ll tell you though: How many instructions lines of code did you need to change, how long time? The key thing is that I did not buy from eBay. I should be able to base a config utility for s on this. Using the same AUI 3c590 other transceivers are possible, making it easy to update an ancient card to use a modern network. This isn’t the only silver-faced beauty I own, either.

In that case it could probably be modified to work by someone more knowledgeable on x86 assembly than me! If there was a good supply of cheap 8-bit compatible NICs, no matter which brand, nobody would really have to spend time to modify an existing driver. Now i just need to connect it to a router or computer to see if it really works, using ping. Here’s a picture of the board with the VRM installed, outside of the case. Here’s an older picture of it when it was in my main sound system: