But after those installations, it cant update to the last version, and also the Catalyst software disapeared. Log in Don’t have an account? Are you paying a premium for performance? You don’t have JavaScript enabled. The last Catalyst driver for your system is

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Latest Driver for My Am g and HD m | Community

Installing two different types of legacy and 5750, legacy driver may only work on the How efficiently does the processor use electricity?

Leads me to believe that they get paid to do such things that only novice computer users would not see. Graphics performance seems to have held flat from Trinity, but an essentially free performance boost on the CPU is welcome.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is fibbing to you. Yet the ugly truth about Richland and Trinity before them is that these reviews are covering the fastest models available.

PassMark – AMD AM APU – Price performance comparison

Matt B We have updated the title of this discussion w10 relevant details to better describe your issue. Go to original post. Combination of all six facets. Google Intel compiler to find out how rigged these comparisons are. The integrated GPU of your APU has reached peak optimisation and been moved to legacy status, there will not be any further driver updates for your product.


I apologise, i posted the wrong driver earlier and as a result, my recommendation may not have worked correctly on your system.

And anyone who needs more performance than that can simply make the jump to a system with a quad-core Intel CPU that has more muscle.

AMD’s A10-5750M Review, Part 1: The APU and Radeon HD 8650G Performance

I own laptop with this CPU and my geekbench score was about points higher than posted here, and i don’t have ssd which probably could make a higher score Richland seems to be most aggressively focused on shoring up the primary weakness of AMD’s existing architecture: Graphics performance will at best be slightly above parity, while CPU performance takes amc bath.

Integrated GPU performance for parallel computing. In this reviewer’s opinion, 35W isn’t the target, it’s 5570m halo.

I removed HD G at device manager but it keeps coming back, i disabled it but it keeps getting active again, i uninstalled the driver couple of time and installed again but same error still keeps coming back. Bumped up clock speeds and improved turbo help close the gap at least a little bit, but we’re still dealing with 35W AMD APUs struggling to hit the same performance levels at W Intel chips.

This isn’t anymore and Intel isn’t charging a fat premium for its low-voltage hardware.

Not sure Sorry, I think the detail masters will correct me hereAre better drivers even for the brand new Cards! More information available here. I’ve edited my post a01 clear up the confusion, the bug is not relevant here. Go to original post.


An A10 VS an i7????

AMD A10 M 2. Thanks but It appears that my g is not compatible with the Crimson Edition The other problem is that AMD is still targeting 35W as the mainstream TDP, but that’s a target that’s actually quietly shifted in the marketplace. For now, the Richland AM is a good option and a solid offering for a refresh, but I don’t think anyone can rely on it as a stopgap for too much longer. Log in Don’t have an account? You need to install both I don’t care if the marketing for a given laptop says that it’s the best computer ever made for gaming–it won’t be.

You can not post a blank message. The only problem I see here is people buying laptops for computer gaming and expecting them to run and operate just like desktops.