Updated by Eric Gentry. Added info about VMware Workstation 6. For existing Windows 9x VMs with this driver, don’t upgrade beyond Workstation 5 hardware. A window pops up attempting to boot the VM. Created by Wes Brewer Megahertz drivers with the new point enabler v2. Oh and also, I’ve been able to set up IE 5. Follow the instructions from the Trumpet Winsock Help file.

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Open up VirtualBox and select New. VMware Workstation 5 includes a very nice tool, vmrunthat allows the user to control some VMware functions via the command line, mostly to start and stop virtual machines. Once installed, Windows will request to restart itself for the new video driver to take affect.

Below are snippets from Setup itself outlining specifically the differences. When creating a new hard disk VirtualBox provides three choices on the file type that is to be used for storing the data within. Changed links to Ken Kato’s original “VM Back” web site, which is long gone, to a new address, which looks like a replacement for the old site. Additionally, Windows 95 VMs where the crash occurred become unbootable and the operating system halts with a Windows Protection Error.

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VMware Workstation: DOS 6.22 with Networking, Sharing, and Remote Control

I was transferring the IE setup files via ftp without realizing that the ftp client on win 3. INI’s [Enh] section, like this: Updated by Dustin Krysak. As Jason said, it’s possible to get the full network stack using a “livecd” of an operatingsystem.

Created by Mirando K. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Setup will wish to restart the VM so press Enter again leaving the floppy disk image as is. Done that, the performance was still unsatisfying.

Install & Configure MS-DOS & Windows using Oracle VirtualBox – Socket 3

Supports Windows NT 4. Use the highlighted option shown for VirtualBox. I’m wondering if there is anything special about VirtualBox that would prevent me from installing IE or netscape. The VM will restart, Setup comes up again and a quick hard disk format will be performed.

Continuing with the hard disk VirtualBox allows you to select either a dynamically allocated or fixed size hard disk file. No need to add e. This is for the version 5. I think it was also in 1. Created by Jay Davis.


Using a larger waveset means better MIDI sound quality, but requires more memory. It was tested with an IO address of and interrupt Once Setup asks for the remaining floppy disks choose the disk image file the same way as the first disk before.

Now with enhanced display output. Driver file now v1. Press Enter to restart your VM. Driver is provided by the guest operating system. The 31pack is now also available as an ISO image, ready for mounting in a virtual machine.

Right-click on the floppy disk icon and select Remove disk from virtual drive.

Sorry should of said that in the original post. SYS into your virtual machine, is to mount a floppy disk image of a Windows 98 cpnet disk. The resulting images will be around MB in size and represent a fairly complete starting base for your own projects.

The enabler uses IRQ 11 and port h.