Well, let’s say your mass air meter calibration and fuel-injector flow rates don’t match because you ran over your mass air in the pits and had to borrow a meter from another racer. You’ll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. That would be included with the boost timing so you would have 22 degrees at and 14lb of boost. The factory O2 sensors are needed for the EEC to do its basic functions see below. Install If you are using a standlone wideband, one like the UEGO, then you should follow the installation as outlined at the top of this post.

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If you are finding that you have brief tuning problems when you begin to add throttle, then this will work for you. Of course, the default data set, the speedo recalibration, and the wideband inputs are fairly straightforward-but what about this global fuel? Here is an example. I would say that for each increase in Recovery value, ie.

I would suggest you weld in a separate bung. With your base timing set at 10 anderaon and the stand alone turned on with no changes in the PMS the total timing is 25 degrees at W. There are others, I am just naming a few I know well or who frequent this glorious website, lol. All prices are in USD.


With Global Fuel control, you can add injedtor subtract a fixed percentage of fuel from the factory calibration and make injsctor car run properly. But you had few real solutions other than replacing your factory computer with a stand-alone aftermarket system, which is often so complex that you still need someone else to tune it for you.

At larger duty cycles you’ll see more fuel with small changes. The third screen is a diagnostic screen for which we mere mortals will have no use.

The Interacq and InterLog follow the exact same installation instructions as the PMS, as the Interacq and InterLog are just fancy replacements for the handheld pmd a laptop. Remember, dynos just shove a wideband into your tailpipe, after the mufflers and catalytics, so it isn’t critical to keep the wideband near the exhaust header. What about an application where the EEC V was never set up for a blower?

Go for it, click OK. If you have ijjector tube headers, then you should be fine to swap the wideband for one of the narrow band factory O2s located in the collectors.

PMS Tuning Tips

Make sure to follow the kit’s recommended timing and fuel. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. I have found anything over “9” in the recover tends to interfere with WOT performance and quick acceleration lane changes. Copyright Anderson Ford Motorsport.

Anderson PMS, PMAS MAF, 42lb injectors

When you are finished creating your SetPoints, then go to the right and click on Value under the Values side of the window. Subscribe to a Magazine. My recommendations are not set in stone! As you’ll see in our On the Dyno injectpr, this can be a helpful tuning aid. The fuel curve actually looked good to Rick, so he turned the Standalone injechor on at 6, rpm and percent throttle opening, and leaned it out about 6 percent at 6, rpm.


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P.M.S.-How To’s, User Guides, Tuning Tips, Articles.

Tuning on the baseline pull was courtesy of the notoriously conservative chip packaged with the blower kit. All Listings filter applied. How to’s and tips! These widebands have their own heat source and will operate even if installed further down away from the header collector.

The modular cars are just getting warmed up. But the EECIV likes to alter tip-in timing and fuel, and this accel feature is an innector way to get around it. Rick will be installing a properly calibrated mass air, so the car will respond to changes in airflow throughout the rpm range.

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