The built in microphone worked well. If you are confused by the diagrams on this two page manual, ask a tech-savvy young friend or family member to help you understand it. Experienced Bluetooth users will have no problem with the brief instructions. The Ps comes with a nice, semi hard case. In the older devices you might have to enter “”. The product you selected is currently unavailable.

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But the best part is the price. Related Tags Arctic sound arctic cooling speaker audio headset headphones P bluetooth. Make yourself completely hands free and enjoy music, movies, and even carry on phone conversations with the built-in microphone. The Ps comes with a nice, semi hard case.

Quick Review: Arctic Sound P311 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

We found all the necessary items to be within grasp here with a well laid out and designed box also. Some features are specifically incompatible with the iPhone, even though it is listed as one sund the four intended cell phones, although the manual does mention the incompatibility. The unit has good, solid bass.

When used with the iPhone, the P’s are able to be used as a wireless headset for taking and making calls, because there is a small hidden microphone inside the unit. Manual on your mobile. Laptops and computers with Bluetooth connection or Bluetooth adapter. The most amazing part of this unit is the price for All you need is the mini-USB cable and your laptop or desktop.


During the weeks we were evaluating the P headphones several reviews were posted on the Internet. It has incredible battery life and a light weight design that makes it ideal for In this case please follow the instructions of our manual.

Talk time is given at 20 hrs which will also depend on conditions of operation, but this is a great figure none the less and must be one of the P’s best selling points.

Compared to a wired system, results were still quite good, although there will always be some limitations involved when using a wireless protocol like Bluetooth. Battery can be easily recharged through USB.

Recommended, but try them first to see if they are comfortable for you. They are over the ear, comfortable and the sound is fine.

Quick Review: Arctic Sound P Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Normally, there is no need for a pin-code. Performance with music was really of a very respectable level, with good low end and a decent feeling of overall depth to the mix. Being able to walk around freely with merely a lightweight headset on to take calls and listen to music via Bluetooth really works for us and was the surprise element to this headset.

Its built-in microphone has a very good quality as well as the huge battery life of 20 h continuous use. Please send us a request and we get back to as soon as possible. Together sohnd the long battery life, we give it the N3D Recommended award. Both the iDevice and P volume controls remain functional so you can mute from afctic.


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With strong results playing back music and a good overall engineering approach, the P from Arctic Sound is a very well designed and thought out product. The volume control and multimedia skip functions I never felt any chance that the Ps were going to fall off or move period, nor did I feel any pinching or pain on my ears.

Log in to Reply. Right Click on the orange ball to switch off the Bluetooth on your computer. It will perform admirably as a mobile headset for talk or for music.

Best as I can tell there is no electronic noise cancellation technology in the Ps. The P makes a perfect travel companion with its fold-and-carry design. But that bet cost me, as somehow the cord got frayed and is now literally hanging by a thread.