All reading tests were done with firmware v1. AFFM is designed to change the uneven airflow field inside the drive because even pressure distribution leads to quieter and more stable operation. Much of this noise is from air turbulence and vibrations caused by the fast rotation of the disc. One or Two front intake fans? It has a dynamic range that spans over dB.

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Noise and vibration are two major headaches users encounter when using a high-speed drive. Retail Package – Installation 2.

This is usually the maximum level of noise produced by an optical drive. Help choosing a PSU more.

Asus CRW-5232AS

crw-5232sa Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. A tracking mechanism moves the laser assembly so that the laser’s beam can follow the spiral track from the innermost point outward. On top of all this, the performance difference between crrw-5232as makes is relatively subtle, and most modern optical drives are plenty fast for most applications; on the other hand, a very quiet optical drive is a gem and difficult to identify casually.


Transfer Rate Reading Tests 3. This is the main source of noise.

Image courtesy of howstuffworks. More information about text formats. What code is in the image? Eliminates the uneven airflow inside ASUS drive resulting in quieter and more stable operation.

Web sites that provide good performance-oriented reviews of optical drives include: By using this intelligent tool, it will automatically remind crw-5232az to update the drive firmware.

CD Error Correction Tests 4. A drive motor that spins the disc at precise speeds depending on which portion of the track is being read. Optimal Writing Speed Adjustment Technology based on the recording media requirements. Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: Some operate smoothly and quietly while others grind loudly. This will allow an apples-to-apples comparison of optical drives that operate at different speeds.

Asus 52x32x52 External Cd Rw Drive Crw as U in Artane, Dublin from Antique Archaeology

Any one of several test systems will be used. Let’s move on to the ASUS drives.

Protected Disc Tests 5. It will be helpful to have an understanding of how optical drives work.


Rather than repeat the good work of many others, we recommend you visit one or more of the following informative sites for a more complete exposition of how optical drives work. In addition, ASUS has introduced the world’s first online firmware update tool inside the included burning crw-5232ad. This noise will be measured in dBA 1 meter as well as described narratively.

Review: ASUS QuieTrack CRW-5232AS & CD-S520/A4

Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments. It has a dynamic range that spans over dB. There is no need to duplicate such efforts. RTX Ti review compilation thread Re: This is a typical source of noise. It’s not that they don’t make noise; optical drives certainly do make a lot of noise. This is because measured dBA is only one aspect of noisiness, and human perception is the final arbiter.

This vibration will be described.