It is not compatible with. It uses Bluetooth v2. From within Windows this can be done by following these steps:. Once open you can find the program sitting in the system tray. Before connecting and disconnecting the BT-UD1, touch something metallic steel desk, door knob,.

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Elecom BT-UD1 User Manual

Industrial products such as microwave ovens, sci. You will want to click OK:. You ud again get a Windows UAC prompt, click yes. Look for the Thunderbolt icon on both sides of the connection to ensure compatibility.

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If you detect something strange or wrong with the BT-UD1, stop use immediately and con. If it does not lead to yd1 correct result since e. To support a second display through the dock, the host Thunderbolt 3-enabled system must meet the following requirements:. It also supports data connectivity between other Bluetooth devices, such as mobile phones, keyboards, and printers, etc. As with any new technology, as Thunderbolt 3 evolves there is always the possibility things may not work as expected or that things may behave inconsistently.


Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U. As noted above, some Thunderbolt 3 systems support two displays, while others only support one.

This can be done with the help of a USB Hub 2. Does the docking station work on Linux? This is not enough to charge your system while it is in br, even if the system indicates it is charging.

Dell has more details about the various models and how to tell if your system has Thunderbolt 3 in their Knowledge Base article here. Other Thunderbolt 3 systems may be compatible, but have not been confirmed by Plugable. How can I identify the NVM version on my system?

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For detailed specifications, please see the Texas Instruments website here. The product you selected is currently unavailable. Provides analog audio input and output jacks for connecting stereo headphones and microphone.

Both Windows and macOS have the ability to select a default device for sound output.

Elecom BT-UD1 User Manual | 2 pages

Please send us a request and we get back to as soon as possible. The docking station does not currently support Linux. It is not compatible with. Now you should see the settings window.


The UD2 is a Class 1 dongle u1 range. Apple and Dell Thunderbolt 3 systems are currently the best-performing, best-supported systems with this docking station. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. No, Wake-on-LAN is not supported. Further information on the use of cookies and on the possibility of objecting to the use of cookies “Opt-Out” can be found in the data protection policy.

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