It simply reflects the provider in question is capable of using the hardware and that people have been able to activate units with them in the past. This happens very infreqently. In fact they tend to be the most stable for me. Sign in Register Forgot password? Did not need add an external channel change script. It looks like your TI chipset may be a different version than mine.

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Ask a ddt about this product. Music choice channels and Encore do not work, I don’t subscribe to anything premium. Getting firewire going with 6. Your mileage may vary, but if you’re having firewir, definitely try a different Firewire controller.

I’m going to see how my system does over the next week now that the firewire card no longer shares an IRQ with the sound card and see how it goes.

Originally Posted by johnyc.

Shaw DCT Firewire – SageTV Community

I need to find out if the firewire is active, I will have to search cct net to see what is out there. No 5c channels YET. Just thought I would give you a heads up. Strangely, this appears to be mostly SD channels and possibly east coast originating channels speculation.


Fri Mar 24, 9: I had to modify ch to work with it, I also added the firewirre to power it on and off. I now have renewed interest in seeing if this is reliable. Or even if the firewire firewirr is activated?

Bus 0, device 10, function 0: Password Please enter a password for your user account. X, I don’t use comm flagging or transcoding. Mythbackend will not get a lock and capture without modifying firewiresignalmonitor.

Hacking the Motorola DCT6200

After trying a variety of firewire chipsets, the ones that work the best are the latest Agere chips FW v61 with no priming More Details Here As for tuning, some SD channels simply will not work, for example all the Firewite music only channels between and up we use our low def tuners via svideo for those. I have no idea about HBO or any pay channels.

So what’s the deal here? You should probably forewire that anyway as even if they do usually disable the ports, there’s always a chance that a specific unit may not have that done due to oversight. I have Basic HD in Calgary and channels came in fine.


I have used their technical support before and they were very helpful. How to record anything on your screen using th Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

It is supposed to have power on, power off, and tune working. It’s the onboard firewire from my Abit AS8. It looks like the Moto boxes work much better than the SA boxes for firewire output.

Update information to current. I eagerly hope that the firewire code will recieve an overhaul soon to be compatible out of the box with the new kernels, and I hope that that will solve the firewire shuffling problem.

Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Are the firewire ports in Edmonton really working, or do they only work on some boxes, I got mine from the U. Fedora 22, Myth 0. Sat Mar 25, 4: What model Plasma unit do you have? Subscribed movie channels with Pacific offset capture as expected.