Off 60— minutes Specifies the time taken by the printer before it automatically turns off after it has entered Deep Sleep mode. Regular Displays the regular web address http: Print Server Setup Page Purpose: Letter Ghost Configuration Chart Click to print a chart to check for ghost printing. If the utility does not receive a response from the printer, the Unknown toner image is displayed.

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Envelopes Depending on the choice of envelopes, it is possible to expect variable levels of light wrinkling. This dell CW is a color laser printer; this is designed for home and small offices to medium size business.

Disable Disables firmware updates. The dimensions are Conserving Supplies You can change several settings in your printer driver to conserve toner cartridge and paper. Adhesive material contaminates your printer and could void your warranty.

Printer settings can be copied to 10 IP addresses of printers simultaneously. Adjustments are performed by specifying the altitude of the location where the printer is being used. Magenta Cleans the toner in the magenta toner cartridge. Storing Print Media For proper print media storage, the following guidelines help avoid media feeding problems and uneven print quality. If you are a network administrator, you can copy the printer settings to one or all printers on the network using your web browser.


Dell C1660W Printer Driver Download

To use toner cartridge of another manufacturer. You must log in as an administrator.

After recognized the printer, it will automatically go to further steps. The share icon is shown under the printer icon.

To enter the printer’s IP address manually, follow the instructions below. Download Dell Cw Laser drivers setup file from above links then run that downloaded file and follow their instructions to install it. This must be 80 or between and In this case, enter the ls you specified, and click OK to apply the settings.

Dell C1660w Color Printer

Assigning an IP address is considered as an advanced function and is normally done by a system administrator. The following tabbed pages are displayed at the top of the right frame. To avoid paper jams, do not remove the priority sheet inserter while a printing is in progress. Off Disables the job time-out. If there are paper loaded in the MPF and this error c166w0 displayed, paper may be jammed.


Ensure that the color of the new toner cartridge matches that on the handle before replacing it. You can order consumables by phone or from the web.

Dell Cw Color Laser Print User`s guide |

The maximum usage rate is of up to 30, pages per month. What are you looking for? If this is a new printer, you may be prompted to install a printer driver. Link Channel Displays the channel number of the connection. System Settings Power Saver Timer – Sleep Displays the time taken by the printer before it enters Sleep mode after it finishes a job.

Click Start to initialize the system parameters. If you do not set security for your wireless network: Printer Name Specifies the printer name up to 63 alphanumeric characters and symbol sets.

Re-enter Community Name Enter the community name used for trap again to confirm.