By displaying the page http: Oliver, did you manage to start the RFID? I didnt find this soft on Broadcom website… any idea how to get it? In DOS prompt execute ushfw…. Similar Threads – E E Contactless. Hello, I have a question regarding my precision m

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For logon with the contacted reader, the Dell smartcard should work contact Dell. Any help would be appreciated.

Matt November 5th, at Is there a chance it is working as a PC SC port? I have problem with my Dell z cordless smart card reader. I just managed to activate the RFID reader.

Contactless security smartcard for Dell laptops – in stock at Smartcard Focus

Didjit August 27th, at Please see your laptop user guide and the following HID Application Note for more details of how to enrol your contactless card. It dissapeard from device manager, and after:. Andreas Fuhr February 20th, at The contactless reader has native support for iClass cards, which means it has the secret iClass keys built in to the reader.


Playa playa February 21st, at Oliver, did you manage to start the RFID? The smart card you are using may be missing required driver software or a required certificate. Hellence December 5th, at If you already know how to do it I will really appreciate your help. Oliver July 22nd, at Matthias Wuttke December 21st, at Try to contact Dell support.

How to enable PC/SC support for Dell Contactless Reader

Manuel Greetings from austria. Dinas September 9th, at Using the ATR here is just a simple way to check that the reader contaftless least can detect the contactless card.

In advance, thx from Norway! I was able to activate both smartcard readers on my last Laptop a M and today it also worked for my new M! I just suceeded to read my passport via the embedded reader.

How to enable PC/SC support for Dell Contactless Reader | Ridrix’s Blog

dfll The last updates BIOS and security were most welcome because I can use my fingerprint reader for security purpose now. Try to contact Dell and see if they can help you. Jopie February 27th, at When I try to set device to the active radio mode message appears:.


You are commenting using your WordPress. When I try to set device to the active radio mode message appears: As a newbie with a Dell E with TPM, contacted and contactless smartcard system embedded, I want to make use of my system. Dodot January 14th, at contatless After a few seconds it comes back and says did not install.

Andy February 25th, at Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov January 24th, at Ridrix’s Blog Just another WordPress.