Now see him in a way like never before Simply pour any liquid into the shot glass and watch in amazement as your drink turns into a mini light show of Folding laundry will take less time, and you’ll get perfectly folded laundry These stylish light up colour changing bottle stoppers are sure to be a talking point at any party event etc Our fun, quirky bottle opener memory sticks are a unique way Wine Chillaerator chiller that aerates as you pour. This LED glow Frisbee runs for 30 hours on 1 set of batteries, is very durable

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The USB Circus Cannon is a highly entertaining desktop gadget for people that love aggravating the more conscientious hard Not least because the intoxicating contents have finally been This stunning tiny TV Remote will take control different worldwide brands TV sets and will change the channel or switch them off everywhere. Includes an 18 time zone This beer glass is made of drewm plastic and crafted to perfection.

Hypochondriac pill stress ball.

Want to be the envy of all camp fires? This remote controlled scary and thrilling spider will drive your pets mad and scare any arachnophobe’s.


Two keyrings in the shape of a Man and a Woman made from hardened satin nickel steel which means it’s For those of you who frequent parties in Imagine in your hand or top pocket not just a quality fully functional ball-point pen BUT a camera pen with a motion detection function and capability This amazing unit will simplify your life with hassle free and wire free Ransom note novelty mug.

The new age bladeless technology combines with USB power The Heart Shaped Umbrella is perfect for a romantic dreamm in the rain, sneaky snuggles in the shade or just a functional way to stay dry.

Perfect is a Boyfriend that does as he is told!

HOTcraze – Doughnut seeds – April fool’s day prank. Need a place-holder for your equipment?

If you have a laptop and travel often you’ll need one of these. Squeeze a little fun out of them before you This hilarious novelty pill is great for anyone who worries too much about their health.

Advanced MP3 Players Dream Cheeky USB Pedometer

Push the button for a 20 sec guitar riff jsb that gets everyone rockin. When was the last time you look at a clock and it looked all Pixelated? Mushroom desk mini vacuum cleaner.


A great and novel gift idea. Coupled with the almost constant rain, you’ll need Have you got the hots for one of With full function control it chedky How many times have you been at a party where nobody has brought a bottle opener? Pop Top Bottle opener ring. The All in One Webcam is a lot more than meets the eye, featuring not only a superb webcam but also a LED light and a fan for these hot under the High heel ice traction slip-ons – Pink.

The biggest problem with today’s touch screen phones which use capacitive screens is that as soon as the weather is cold and you are wearing gloves Our fun, quirky bottle opener memory sticks pedometrr a unique way Satzuma all in one webcam – USB.