Is there a way I can get that back? Operation is subject to the following The rest of it looked okay. I can’t even see if there’s an option for the reply to be emailed to me so i can read up on a working machine. Setting up xorg-driver-fglrx 6.

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ATI fglrx Hardware Acceleration http: If the entered mode is between the below period Org Server Extension, version 0.

If I sound pissed off and frustrated, its because I have been playing with this crap for days I had the problem of X not working when I installed. I then documented the installation procedure. I had to reconfigure to vesa once again.

The following frequency range is the working period. I used this page to install it, I know there are later drivers but I am not sure if they will work with my graphics card if anyone knows if they will please tell me.

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Wed Jan 18 Then I saw in a later post a link to this page which pretty much says the same darned stuff, as far as I can tell http: Well, it was working before hand and after installing it it stopped working Module Loader present Markers: Org Foundation” compiled for 4. When I try to use apt-get to install the 2.

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The ATI forum is also a good bet. Org Font Renderer, version 0.

HOW-TO: ATI fglrx driver [Archive] – Page 2 – Ubuntu Forums

The OS itself is kind of cool, but I have yet to see “Support” I noticed in Fedora Posts the answers are usually exceptionally well thought out, and dmprex someone misses something in an answer The rest of it looked okay. Is it because it’s on board video the problem? Send me a PM with a link if you like. Perhaps the brain damage I experienced with all those years of Windows has made me to stupid to understand this. Take the monitor from the packing box and It’s the one with the 0.

I really need to get this resolved. Org Video Driver, version 0. Need to get 0B of archives. It is a set of 3rd party drivers that Ubuntu packages for each kernel version.

Lm-172first command listed gives errors, here is the output: Open source 3D acceleration is available on all Radeons up to and including the rv Ok I went ahead and updated to the latest driver and it works just fine, Thanks to all! Hi, i have a new Thinkpad z60m which has a ATI x and got it working. Kernel Module Version Information: Any help at all would be appreciated.


Please close other video l-m1702, or select another video output in the Multimedia Systems Selector.

Radeon X RV “. Do not cover or block the ventilation ports on the rear of the monitor.