You print through the HP Laserjet driver, which is the same if you use windows You may have a different preference. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: When or why Epilog stopped this ability is unknown to me. Until Feburary, all I have used was Dell computers. However, I would prefer running the laser from the MacBook Pro.

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Windows Vista with Epilog Drivers? I anticipate it will be like going from cave painting to airbrush Chevy war – suffice it to say I’m confident I made the laseg call. My Mini should be hooked up this Thursday! Notify me of new comments via email. It should be much easier to make a version of Corel for Mac these days after the switch to Intel.

Introducing the Epilog Mac Driver

You may have a different preference. Call me Steve or Scott, doesn’t matter. If you have a valid Windows license as well, then there is no eoilog to use Acrobat Reader.

Just don’t hold your breath for that to occur any time soon if ever! For example see this Apple Link MAC machines would be a great asset to the file creation, edit, and other functions for a laser business. He figured out a very easy way to light the area as the cutter gets to work.


I’m not positive, but I think Universal Lasers have developed, or are developing, true Mac compatibility.

I don’t have any experience with running a laser on a Mac, but I will say this in hopes all the big names are watching. All times are GMT And thank-you for your epliog so I can add my OT remarks to your thread. Epilog needs to get on the ball about providing drivers for their products on more platforms. Now for my first question.

The end result, though, is like owning 4 licenses two for each platform for the price of two. Epilog actually has a program where students can get one of their machines for free.

Epilog Laser Knowledge Base – Support Center – Drivers and Firmware

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Originally Posted by Peck Sidara. I don’t understand your last comment. Epilog Drivers on a Mac. He added his own 5V DC supply to power the adhesive LED strip which enjoys a resting place on the bottom rail of the head unit. Maybe visicut will help you to solve your osx lasercutter problem. I would like to know whether anyone out there has used a MacBook Pro to run a laser, specifically an Epilog.


I also am a lurker for the most part at this site. The printing in a BSD derivative is not like printing in Windows.

Let there be light inside your Epilog laser cutter

Brett, Thanks for mentioning VMWare. But my personal opinion is that running a laser from a MAC is a waste.

Likewise, I wouldn’t have struggled so long before I settled on Epilog if they had a native Mac driver. Join Date Mar Posts But routing the power is where things get more difficult.