This is due to its state-of-the-art printhead and color profile driver tool that help you fine tune your colors so that they look as crisp on your card as they do on-screen. International expertise A focus on international sales that makes Evolis what it is today. By using the Ethernet port provided as an option , the printer can be linked to an IP or IP4-compatible network. Please note that no tests have been conducted with IA64 processor. However, the original printer head, installed in the printer when manufactured benefits from the warranty period of the printer.

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Drivers and manals for Dualys 3 card printer | Evolis

By using the Ethernet port provided as an optionthe printer can be linked to an IP or IP4-compatible network. The Dualys 3 has been designed to offer a wide variety of options to its users. And, that includes the printhead! It is mainly used to directly manage the resource and is provided by Evolis for exclusive use with its printers.

For example, Dualys 3 delivers student IDs loaded with features: Use a 6-panel ribbons. The printed colors are different from what I see on my screen. Has the printing job been correctly sent to the printer?


Drivers for Dualys 3

Remember to select the dual-sided printing option before printing. My ribbon gets cut. The striking color generation capability featured on this thermal printer helps you to print membership cards or identification cards.

The coercivity has to be set in the driver before any magnetic encoding is carried out.

Evolis Dualys | Evolis

Works on all Evolis printers. Compatible with Pebble, Dualys, Securion, and Quantum printers. Paper cards can only be used with the Tattoo model only, not with Dualys. If you fail to observe this process, Evolis and Mediasoft Technologies will not be held liable for any damage incurred.

The color profile of your screen needs to be installed on your computer.

Evolid can check if the update has been successful by sending the Rfv command or by opening the Dialog Box with the printer. The ink can be applied only once on each side of the card. For encoding, compatibility with an Evolis printer is a matter of software design. What is the warranty period for a spare part? The driver version will be required by Evolis whenever you need assistance.

Pack of 50 pre-saturated cleaning cards packaged in individual tear-open pouch. Quality The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services. The Evolis Dualys 3 dual-sided printer offers quality card printing results and all the technology options you need – combined into one reliable solution.


Contact our support team. This ribbon is useful and cost-effective evoliz the color-printed area of your layout is no bigger than a logo or an ID picture.

Evolis Dualys 3 ID Card Thermal Printer

The compatible ports are:. With the DCL driver, magnetic encoding requires no adjustment, except for the level of coercitivity.

Can I encode smart or contactless cards using the Ethernet port? USB cable eMedia Card Designer software Power supply and power supply cable Quick operating guide User’s guide CD with drivers and documentation – Mac drivers are available via download Cleaning starter kit5 cleaning cards 1 cleaning towel 1 cleaning swab Warranty terms and safety regulations sualys.

I was surprised that there was no wear and tear at all. Click here to access the previous Warranty Conditions. The easiest way to visually determine if a stripe on a card is Hico or Loco is by checking the color of the stripe.

It is the same used for Quantum 2. All Evolis ribbons can be used for dual-sided printing.