In this case, the integrated video core on the motherboards under review evidently operates at the standard frequency. Layout Chapter 1 Product Introduction Layout 14 15 16 1. We’ve carried out additional tests with a less powerful video card and in heavier modes. Each motherboard is carefully designed for the PC user who wants diverse features. Chapter 2 Installation Instructions Audio Connector: W hen the temperature exceeds the setting value, the motherboard will automatically cut off power to the computer. Detailed descriptions of the BIOS param- eters are also provided.

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Download Foxconn MCP61PM2MA, MCP61SM2MA, MCP61VM2MA series motherboard User Manual

Click here Current information Mcp61pm2ma/mcp61sm2mq/mcp61vm2ma new utilities from Internet But unfortunately, we failed to get any fan response it did not matter whether 3-pin or 4-pin fans to Smart Fan with the current version of BIOS on this motherboard.

The letter V stands for the official certificate of compatibility with Windows Vista Premium.

Hence the natural decision to use the 6-channel output instead of the 8-ch one. Page 60 Chapter 5 Directions for Bundled Software 3.

So You must install at least one memory bank to ensure normal operation. What concerns motherboards from Foxconn, being good in design and implementation, they are still less attractive than competing products as a fault of irritating BIOS bugs.

Anyway, test results are somewhat disappointing. Foxconn engineers got the most out of the existing two PCI Express lanes, having installed two ports. Foxconn does not obligate itself to inform the user of these changes.


Foxconn PRODUCT : Motherboard : Details

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Overclocking In order to evaluate motherboard and its BIOS, we overclock our testbed processor to a maximum stable level. To all appearances, actuality of enlarging graphics bus throughput is not growing in time. We also failed to reduce the rotational speed of CPU and system fans using Tiger One, which comes shipped with this motherboard.

Jumpers Chapter 2 Installation Instructions Jumpers The users can change the jumper settings on this motherboard if needed. Chapter 1 Product Introduction Layout 14 15 16 1. Lots of users go to shop for a video card “supporting DirectX 9.

The defaults set by BIOS are the optimized performance parameters for the system, to improve the performance of your system components. You will hardly want to build a good audio system with this integrated solution. Chapter 2 Installation Instructions Audio Connector: It is suggested to select high-quality, certified fans in order to avoid damage to the motherboard and CPU due high temperatures.

The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in this version, but the viability of non-standard settings hasn’t been tested. Thus, chances for a lag are higher for a video card with less memory in case of registering average as well as minimal fps.


There is nothing unnatural about it for motherboards on expensive chipsets. Page 54 Chapter 5 Goxconn for Bundled Software 5. Front USB Connectors 2.


By the way, the emergency frequency reset procedure is not ideal. BioShock Infinite and Metro: They appear only when you try to get most of your BIOS settings. The available setting values are: We are going to evaluate how mcp61pm2ma/mcp61sm2ma/mcp61mv2ma this radical reduction of PCI Express lanes is from the point of view of gaming performance.

The inexpensive HDA codec from Realtek does not produce good impressions. Never turn on the machine if the CPU fan is not properly installed. This section explains how to use the various functions of this motherboard by chang- ing the jumper settings.

Foxconn MCP61PM2MA User Manual

Cpu Chapter 1 Product Introduction Chapter This chapter introduces the hardware installation process, in- cluding the installation of the CPU, memory, power supply, slots, and pin headers, and the mounting of jumpers. It also allows users to monitor various temperature values, voltage values, frequency and fan speed at any time.

Chapter 5 Directions for Bundled Software 3.