There is a wealth of info there. W01 comments, 1 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor. Talk about a scam they sell you the product than after the warranty expires they give you bad firmware to ruin the product so you are forced to buy a new one! LDWS Stay away from it. To all owners of LDW s: Click on this for more technical information. All you get is voice mail hell.

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I have mainly used Bulkpaq orange lit-eon my friend give me them and Verbatim because they were on offerand have not found a DVD player which wont play them. The customer service guy was smug and very unhelpful and told me it is not there problem.

Click on this for more technical information. R02 comments, 2 good0 mixed0 poor. This burner really sux!

IF your having problems then check your fimware. Comments posted by Somebodeez from United States, December 25, Seems I’ve finally narrowed it down to the Lite-On. I have had little trouble with it besides the occasional bad burn mostly because of cheap media.


LiteOn LDWS – DVD±RW drive – IDE – internal Overview – CNET

M01 comments, 0 good1 mixed0 poor. I’ve even purchased 6 different dvd players, and verfied all burned coasters ldw-411 all 6 players. The device looks cheap and operates the same way.

Comments posted by Dave from United States, February 23, Their reply, we have to follow procedure. Avoid this burner like the plague, unless your willing to only buy Maxell expensive dvd’s. The second rating between the is lihe-on normal average rating.

Comments posted by Ray Bowering from Australia, April 05, Only resource after that, LiteOn. I’ve paid more for a Steak Hereford House. You guys need to go over to www.

Lite-On LDW-411S/451S DVD Writer

Comments posted by Dirk from Belgium, September 13, After the first 30 days the drive started slowly getting worse, lite-oon more-and-more coasters, one-after-another. Comments posted by caribbean computer girl from Virgin Islands, U. I’ve tried 3 different LiteOn firmwares, and same result, 1 out of every 2 are coasters, and only Maxell’s expensive disks burn ok.


Returned it to the seller and it was confirmed to be defective. Comments posted by negge from Finland, October 01, It would not complete the burn using Norton Ghost this is a popular brand-Norton should have included it! F01 comments, 3 good0 mixed0 poor. Good prices and online shopping but the showroom needs an big upgrade with better displays to look at while waiting for your parts. Had to disable the other burner.

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These comments refer to the LDWS. Rated this writer 8 of If an ETA is available it will be displayed on hover.

Any Video Converter F You heard right, not one skip, pause, or flaw of any kind.