Select the desired volume and press [Enter]. When your machine is connected to the network, you cannot register, edit or delete the transfer rule from the machines control panel. It will tell you how much memory each document is using. Broadcasting Using this key, you can simultaneously send document to multiple destinations. General precautions Never disassemble your machine Disassembling your machine can cause serious injury to you and damage to your machine. Registering or editing a call group Your machine can store up to 32 call groups.

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A macro is a series of the several steps grouped together as a single command to accomplish the operation automatically. Page Chapter Copying Before copying Lists and journal reports The following table outlines the lists and journal reports that your machine can print out. Select [OFF] to deactivate the setting. Page Duplex copying of a one-sided document 1: The number of pages used for each function will be displayed.


Select the F-code box that contains the document s you want to delete. Select the batch transmission box in which the documents you want to print are stored. Adjust the document resolution and contrast, if necessary.


Using address book number If you know the address book number, you can quickly send to that location by entering that number.

Faxing Chapter Faxing Before sending You can use this function as follows: Deleting a destination Press [Setting]. If you selected either [Mode 2] or [Mode 3], proceed to step 5.

Press [Upper] to enter the upper case letters. Delayed transmission Setting up a delayed transmission Your machine can store up to delayed commands, each of which you can pro- gram up to 31 days in advance.

Muratec MFX-1430 User Manual

Select the address book number you want to delete. Press [Reset] to exit the operation and return to the standby mode.

When copied onto When copied onto Document orientation paper You can- not broadcast a document to an e-mail address or a folder, and an FTP server together. Use [ ] or the numeric keys muratce enter the address book number.

Checking your browser before accessing

To delete a server sselect the destination s you wish to delete and press [Delete]. To continue storing press [Yes], to cancel the job press [No]. Page 1 Select the function you want to assign to a soft key. Use this information to locate and print the document.


Muratec MFX Black & White Copier | eBay

Broadcasting Set the broadcast transmission option. Entering symbols and special characters Select [Symbol] to enter muraatec symbol or special characters. You can assign [Program One-Touch] to the soft key. Wait until it ends. Transporting the Machine If you need to transport the machine over a long distance, consult your Muratec dealer.

To delete another number, repeat from step Press [Reset] to return to the standby mode. Muratef drum will need to be replaced soon. This insures that the memory will hold only your settings. Registering or editing the fax number using the numeric keys If the address displayed is from the LDAP server, it will have an next to it.