In the beginning of the season I just resolved to hit clubs I might not normally hit like one hole at about yards that I play Chicken Wedge for the tee and approach. Want to join this community? Stephen Hawking was a damn good chess player. One of the most important facts to remember when playing or learning golf is that the number one variable in swinging a golf club that directly relates to distance is clubhead speed. By saevel25 , 1 hour ago in The Grill Room. In addition to golf flexibility, would you agree that timing is critical to develop and maintain a longer backswing? On the PGA Tour there are nearly as many different golf swings as there are players, but there are two common denominators among them, acceleration, a fairly short tempo time, and great position at impact.

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I now average 10 fairways hit, includes first cutwith a yd avg over the last 7 rounds.

4 Easy Ways to be a more Consistent Ballstriker: Step 1

Ethan pope 18 years old. Have you noticed recently that while the golf courses the tour pros play are getting longer and longer, their golf swings are getting shorter? And of course, we all know how this ends – nice poke down the middle. Posted May 17, I have a shallow or flat swing with a short BS that I try and power down the target line.


My only swing thought, at the moment, is “feel” like my right arm is straight on the way back and start the downswing when I feel tension in front of the right elbow. Played a round of golf yesterday with some guys from work. Tempo time is the duration of time expended from the time you start your takeaway until the time your clubhead strikes the ball at impact. We can mess around and only our game suffers. Posted July 20, What you feel that you do and what you actually do may have zero relation to each other.

Modern equipment, particularly light shafts with low torque, make a shorter swing much more shorteb than it was previously.

Use this thread for the straight right arm feeling: One guy swings his driver this way and outdrives me pretty regularly.

Just be careful not to pick the club shortsn too fast or you will lose distance and ball striking.

One huge myth in the golf game is the absolute need to get the club shaft to horizontal at the top of the golf swing. If not, please start a new topic. Originally Posted by Mr. This thread is days old.

It is helping me at this point. However, shortwn I have been toying with a much shorter backswing on my Driver where the backswing is what I consider shirten a half swing. I found my back swing was excessive and when it seems like you ave shortened it, it is really closer to a normal swing. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


Immelman: Three ways to shorten your swing

The golf-pro who got me doing it did it for that reason. Its amazing how far the ball goes, and much more consistently.

I don’t know how many times I hit 3 – 4 drives in a row stupidly, not horrible, but like low pulls, 30yd draws OK! A bit of math, meters would be near yards. If your right forearm reaches the pass zone pictured at left Sign up for a new account in our community. By limiting the scope of the backswing, this swing key promotes a compact swing that is less prone to over rotation or over extension. Register a new account. Even though I have a tendency to go past that on my backswing, the results don’t lie.

The popup will be closed in 10 seconds A short backswing promotes acceleration.