Facebook Follow me on twitter. This cmdlet sets the on behalf of user as the user that this parameter specifies. Repeat this uninstall process for the following AWS devices in this order. Specifies a user role. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. The only sad thing is, that only one machine with this problem exists. Indicates that the job runs asynchronously so that control returns to the command shell immediately.

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In one instance I removed the network driver and after fixing it the configuration was all gone which is to be expected, I had to enter it back in after fixing the problem. Specifies an identifier for a series of commands that will run as a set just before the final command that includes the same job group identifier runs. Afterwards I ran a check for updates within Windows update and confirmed that the optional updates no longer show, this was a couple of days after the initial problem however so it would appear that they have since been removed.

The driver package can still not be removed: Also uninstalled the AV software. After trying to reinstall the tools I found that the process would hang indefinitely preventing the problem from being resolved. I always do that so I’m unsure if it really makes a difference on nonpresent hidden devices.


Paravirtualized SCSI

The biggest problem seems to be that I have a device without any driver in my device manager controlleg controller”. This cmdlet sets the on behalf of user role as the user role that this parameter specifies. When I mounted the xs-tools.

Once you remove the key from Classes and Uninstall, you should be able to run the installer for the PV Drivers. Identify the problem I first noticed that there was a problem after Windows update and reboot as the virtualization state of the virtual machine showed that XenServer tools were not installed, when they definitely were prior to rebooting.

The XenServer Tools installation seems to be corrupted. Subscribe Receive new post notifications by email for free! Indicates that the job runs asynchronously so that control returns to the command shell immediately.

Good hint guys, will try it in my environment and let you know! The only sad thing is, that only one machine with this problem exists.

Paravirtualized SCSI – Xen

Run the following commands in command prompt with administrator privileges. After the next normal boot, the device come up again. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting. Now that we have confirmed the problem we can manually remove the AWS drivers. Controller devices as mentioned can really mess up XenTools installer.


The wizard runs through the scei process and finishes, but the entry still persists in the Programs control panel. When the installation has completed reboot when prompted.

Mount the ISO and run the installeizard. Posted April 25, Indicates whether a virtual SCSI adapter is shared so that cobtroller can be used in guest clustering. Phill February 13, at Sign In feature is currently unavailable and you will not be able to post new content.

These AWS drivers confirmed that I was experiencing this known issue. Posted February 18, Posted April 27, Has anyone heard of such a problem. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you can get XenTools to install then shutdown and add the network back to the VM it should hopefully detect and use the correct network drivers. Hyper-V host Scis This Parameter: